La Voute Melrose

5779 Sherbrooke St. West, ( NDG) Montreal

13 prints on various substrates, (Acrylic, brushed metal, high definition metal, and canvas)

This is a multidisciplinary space at the rear of Pizzeria Melrose with a legendary and cultural past.

The show will be up for the months of Nov. and Dec. 2019 with a Vernissage on Nov. 13.


Orsay, France 15 fevrier - 11 avril 2018

Deux HENRI HADIDA pour une seule affiche


Voici la proposition qui a déclenché l'exposition d'Orsay.






October 2014 - February 2015



Boulangerie Chez Fred and the gracious Vi McGuire have again provided me an opportunity to exhibit my work at their "croissanterie / boulangerie".  Now with two stores, they are hosting me at 5338 rue Sherbrooke O, Montreal from May 7th to July 2nd and again at 3423-A Notre Dame Ouest, St. Henri, Montreal from July 2nd through September 3rd.

It will be the first time that a selection of the DNA :: ADN work will be exhibited. Seven works will be on display varying in sizes as large as 40 x 40 inches and printed on ACRYLIC, METAL, CANVAS and PAPER. I am presenting these various new mediums to showcase the new printing technologies now available.

The seven selected works can be seen on the DNA :: ADN gallery on this website, or click here to see them all in one spot.

If you are in Montreal this summer, I invite you to get in touch with me  and I can meet you at the café to look at the work together.


Encore une fois la Boulangerie Chez Fred et Vi McGuire m'ont donné l'occasion d'exposer mes oeuvres dans leur deux "croissanterie / boulangerie". Ils m'accueillent au 5338 rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal du 7 mai au 2 juillet et de nouveau au 3423-A Notre Dame Ouest, St. Henri, Montréal du 2 juillet jusqu'au 3 septembre.


Ce sera la première fois qu'une sélection de la collection DNA :: AND sera exposée. Sept œuvres seront exposées dans des tailles aussi grandes que 40x40 pouces et imprimées sur ACRYLIQUE, MÉTAL, TOILE et PAPIER. Je présente ces nouvelles surfaces pour faire connaitre les technologies d'impression maintenant disponibles.


Les sept oeuvres choisies sont en montres dans la galerie DNA :: ADN sur ce site, ou ici pour les voir toutes sur une seule page.


Si vous êtes à Montréal cet été, je vous invite à me contacter et je peux vous rejoindre au café pour visionner les images ensemble.


JUNE 2015- undetermined

Montreal Palaiseau Montreal

One more opportunity to look at the 9 photogrpaphs that were on exhibit in Palaiseau France . Black and white photos printed on brushed aluminium a new favourite medium.  The images have a completely different look in this new setting. At the Red Bird Café on St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. during open hours.

JUNE 1 to JUNE 30 2015


Oakville Festivals of Film and Art (OFFA), Oakville’s first and only independent film and arts festival, is having its 2nd annual Film Festival,
The film aspect of the festival is a three-day immersive experience that continues throughout the weekend with screenings all day Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 June
Art Fête 2015 is a month long photography exhibition and party, including food, wine and spirits. The photography exhibition will be located at The Aroma Espresso Bar showcasing talented local and international photographers.  The exhibition will run the entire month of June, and throughout the festival weekend. The public is welcome to view the exhibition during open hours free of charge.  There  forums planned for the public to attend, listening to artists speak about their work and inspirations. I will be speaking during the Gala Party at the Espresso Bar hosted by SavvyArt Market, to be held on Saturday, 27 June 2015.

MARCH24 - APRIL 4th 2014


Alina Maizel and Lucie Lederhendler the curators of my Haute Tension exhibit at Studio Beluga invited me to participate in a group show.

The event poster

OCTOBER 2, 1011


This series was a breakthough in my growth as an artist. For the first time I was manipulating images to transform them from photographs to statements.  The Haute Tension project is the precursor to my "AND DNA"  project in the galleries section of the website.


Here are a few links that provide additional insight:


NOV.8, 2014 - JAN 7 2015


In tandem with the Palaiseau Exhibit, I was fortunate to enlist the help of Vi McGuire of Boulangerie Chez Fred, a local french boulangerie with great wall space.  When Vi heard of serendipity of my situation and looked at the photographs, she immediately agreed to set up a 2 month exhibit at the boulangerie.

In order to truly reflect the spirit of the exhibit in Palaiseau, I produced the same nine images selected by Delphine and Carole on the similar material that was used in France.  You can see a short video of the hanging of the show and of the celebration vernissage.HERE

The photographs were printed on a an innovative brushed aluminium substrate that enhances tones and gives highlights a subtle metallic quality.

 The installation and Vernissage video

The CBC interview (audio file mp3)